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After we spent the weekend at my mother-in-laws-house in the beautiful Zillertal-Valley, we drove on to Laufen in South Bavaria.Our way led us through a stunningly beautiful landscape and we really enjoyed ourselves. In Laufen we met Franz from Gordigear whom we first got to know at the Camping-Fair in Munich back in February. He is a super nice guy and a real outdoor man who knows what you need when you spend more than a weekend far from civilization. As Gordigear was already on our list of possible suppliers for a rooftent, Franz with his unique style convinced us from the first minute that we have come to the right place.

So we ordered a Gordigear plus tent, which has the longer entrance area. The tent was already ready at the beginning of March but as our car construction did take more time, we fetched it just yesterday. With other companies this might have been a problem, but not with the nice guys from Gordigear.  We mailed them 2 times that it takes longer than expected, and they were OK with it.

Franz has some of the coolest outdoor cars in his backyard. I saw a Landcruiser BJ 45 and a Mercedes Benz Sprinter, I think an Iglhaut offroad conversion with some amazing ground-clearance. Stupid me forgot to ask Franz about the details of the car. Then we found out that our custom roofrack did not have sufficent mounting points (too much space in between our sidebars), so we thought together how to fix that. As we where driving on to my wifes cousin Alex anyway, whos husband is the owner of a cargo company, we decided to ask him for someone who can weld some additional bars to the roofrack. Franz then put the tent on the roofrack, we strapped it down for the short drive and off we went.

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