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So we drove to Vienna to meet our Visa guy, Sebastian Wöll from visum4you.at, as well as getting our abroad-health insurance checked. We decided to take statravel as they have a pretty competitive insurance just right for our needs. We did arrive in Vienna in the evening and decided to drive on to Castle Devin near Bratislava (approx 50 kms away), as there was a marker in our wild camping map we have on Autoroute.

We then found out that the „wild“ camping spot is a rather lively parking space in front of a restaurant, so not exactly what we have in mind thinking about wild camping. It then got clear to us where our mistake was. The guys who create those maps are mostly campers with  integrated camper vans, so cars where you can be inside the car and have enough space for basic living. Our car is a kind of a moving bed with storage, so 95% of our time when we are not driving or sleeping we are outside the car.

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