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After endless preparations in Carinthia during the last month  (thanks again to my mum and stepfather for a month with lots of support, cooking, our own flat, space for things in the cellar and, and, and..) – so approximatly 14 days more then I expected, we are finally on the street and on our own. Meanwhile, as I am writing this, we spend the third night in our Voyager.  We are somewhere near Zirl, next to Innsbruck.

The first night was spent in front of my mums house in Carinthia, the second was yesterday in Obertilliach in Eastern Tirol, after we drove through the beautiful Lesachtal through the night. I saw maybee 5 cars in 4 hours, so it was a relaxing drive through the night. We then slept near a spot i remembered from some years ago, which is stunning. Sleeping is luckily rather comfortable, so we really do got good and relaxing sleep.  We still have bit of a problem with too much moist, although one of the back fold-out windows is opened through the night. We now got ourselves a car- anti moist thingy, hopefully it helps.

But I am happy that we staied for that long in Carinthia, because this way I saw my little brothers first own car. Its a beautiful black 1990 Golf I GTI Cabrio, meanwhile a rare car and he is very proud of it 🙂 . I was happy that I could share this important moment in my brothers life with him. But I am worried too, cause a 1990 Golf I has next to no security systems, like an Airbag or anything else.  Knock on wood.

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