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After meeting Bec in Switzerland we drove to Alex place in Salzburg and from there on to Carinthia via  Upper Austria and Styria. Its not the most direct way, but we had time on our hands as we only had to be in Carinthia some days later to fetch our passports with the various Visa for Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan or at least we hoped to fetch them there.

As we where in the mood of staying on our own, we searched for a sleeping spot after entering Carinthia from the Styrian side, fetching ourselves a quick dinner in St. Veit. But as it turned out, there was no easy spot around and so, after some failed attempts I remembered the Forstsee (a small lake) near Wörthersee (a bigger lake with some B-Celebrities around) next too Velden. I was there once or twice in my Childhood but had no real memories any more. I only new that it should be a beautiful little lake.

So we drove in direction of Forstsee and quickly found a parking spot there. Another camper-bus was already standing there, so we saw ourselves at home. Some other cars were around as well, but thats normal for a nice lake at 1 am in the morning, we thought. Bringing the girl to a romantic place, you know. Well…

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