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When I saw him on the Internet I bought him right away by phone – I did not even have a look at him in person as he was in Vienna, 500 kms away. I knew I had to invest money, because it was an old cheap car, standing in some backyard for several month by then – so why wasting money and time on a long drive to see problems old cars do have. What should happen? I lose 800 EUR if it really goes wrong. You have to take some risk sometimes.

A mechanic I know picked him up and did some repair work as the car had no road-worthy-inspection any more.

When I asked my mechanic (reliable guy I already know for quite some time) if its very rusty and if it was worth the afford he looked at me surprised and asked me if they don’t use salt on the streets in Vienna, because there was nearly no rust on the underfloor. The brakes where finished, battery was flat and some other typical parts you have to change from time to time, some welding on the side near the backwheel  (can’t describe better in english) but nothing serious. Altogether I had to invest 800 EUR  (including a cleaning + refill of the climate system) and since then I never had a problem. I did not know when it was done the last time , so after some thousand kilometers the automatic transmission oil was changed as well.