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my last working day finished at 10 pm today. Wow what a day. My emotions have been on a roller coaster ride the whole day.
My colleagues surprised me with a very nice bunch of flowers and a filled piggy bank for our trip – thanks once again for that.
Some other colleagues sent me emails that nearly made me cry my eyes out. It’s strange when you leave a company, where you really love your job to do something else that is highly risky and maybe stupid, but on the other hand absolutely adventurous and something you always dreamed about.
So I leave with a smile on one hand and a very heavy heart on the other – but I hope it will be worth it and maybe the company will still have some place for me when I come back.

Until then I will now concentrate on packing all our stuff and trying to get the flat empty until the end of March – believe me I already thought about burning the whole stuff. 🙂
In the meantime enjoy the song with which I started the day (btw. not the first „last working day“ I started with this song)