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So we are going around the world, YEEEHAA 🙂

Within this area of our site we want to show the proceedings regarding the preparations for our journey.

The start of our tour will be some time around the end of March or the beginning of April 2015, the duration will be somewhere in the range of 12 to 18 month.

Our route brings us through Europe for a start, then to Turkey, Georgia, Russia, possibly Kazakhstan, back to Russia, Mongolia and China. Then we head for South East Asia and Australia. The rest of the route is not planned as of now, because we  want to be as free as possible. Till China we need to stick to a somehow fixed timetable, as we meet a group at the Chinese / Mongolian border to travel through China together. This is a necessity, because of several strict regulations China has for overlanders who go by car.

For many reasons we travel by car, details about our car can be found in „Our Car“. One of the major reasons for not going doing the trip as backpackers is a simple one. A car, no matter how small, gives a minimum of protection and private atmosphere. And we have some freedom as we don’t need to stick to flight-, bus- or train-timetables.