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The border from Poland and Lithuania is a rather lively one as this is the only connection for the 3 north eastern EU countries, which connects them with the “mainland”. Call me stupid, but I honestly did not know that there is a piece of Russia right in the north eastern European Union. Its above Poland, next to Latvia, approximately the size of Upper Austria and not connected to the rest of Russia. Amazing.

We crossed the border at night, reached the first border town and got confused with the directions as major parts of the town were under construction. We wanted to find a petrol station, but after some time gave up and drove on.

Lithuania was the first country that gave us this far, far away  from home feeling as Lithuania is very different to Austria. It’s mainly completely flat, and the roads are straight as far as the eye can see. At some point when going 70km/h I took the hands for 45 seconds from the steering wheel. No need to turn, not the slightest corner. I am too lazy to calculate how far you go  when driving 70kmh 45 seconds, I think something around 1 km. The complete flatness and the lack of woods amazed us time and again. What a weird country this is for us Austrians, us with our mountains and woods everywhere.

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