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One of our first destinations will be Germany, followed by some other destinations in Europe. As we are new to wild camping especially Europe is a challenge, because there are a lot of rules and in many countries wild camping is forbidden. As we don’t want to spend a major part of our budget on camping sites, we had to find a way around those rules and regulations.

Luckily other people already have had the same problems and as nowadays everyone has a GPS device there is knowledge around. The nice guys from http://www.europebycamper.com/ did put a lot of afford into compiling a list with 130.000 GPS spots which are useful for campers like us (wild camping spots, Mc Donalds for the WIFI and so on).

But there is a little issue with this list – its only available for Microsoft Autoroute and Microsoft discontinued this program on 31st of December 2014. But we were lucky and could download a test version I think Microsoft forgot to remove.  To get a better feeling for what is ahead of us we picked one spot labelled overnight parking and drove there. The spot was next to Burgruine Finkenstein,  so I had some idea of the surroundings as I used to be there in my childhood sometimes.