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Who would have thought hat we are going to see snow again this year? Well, definitely not us.

When we started in Carinthia to drive in direction of Innsbruck and on to Switzerland, we decided to take the route via Turracherhöhe (a mountain pass) and Obertauern. And tada, already on Turracherhöhe, snow – not much, but snow anyway :).  So I grabbed my chance by the balls and created some beautiful yellow snow for the last time in a hopefully long time. On we went to Obertauern and to our surprise there was snow falling from the sky – we finally found ourselves in a small snowstorm, in late May. Poor people there – seriously not our place to be.

After the weight reduction and the new weight distribution the car now handles way better and even the MPG (gas sonsumption) has improved a little bit. We are down approximately 1 to 1.5 liters per 100 km – add that up to 25000 kms and thats a nice saving.

After a short stopover in Innsbruck to get some official stuff done, we drove on in direction of Pfronten in Germany where we fetched our isolated window pads for the front and back windows. Those are a great add on for our equipment and proofed to be one of those things we now use on a daily basis. For window pads they are pretty expensive as they cost approximatly 75 EUR for all windows (we bought VW T4 ones which fit perfectly into the Voyager) but they are isolated, reflect the sun and are put to the windows with suckers from the inside of the car, which makes it easy to mount them.

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