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So in the meanwhile the laundry is done but it turned out to be more complicated then one would expect. After approximately 10 EUR for the dryer in the laundrette, we finally excepted that the dryer does make dryer-noises, but that’s about it. The service guy, although nice, could not do much more then pointing out the service hotline when we brought the issue to attention with him. So we filed the 10 EUR as lost and left for the car, but still we had  wet clothes.

So we drove back along the bumpiest road we had ever seen into the national forest where we had spent the night before and did some improvisation there. We do have a clothesline which can be put above the front window, hanging down from the lightbar, but not all our wet clothes fit on it and we needed our blankets. We do have spare ones, but they are buried somewhere in the car and it means quite some work getting them out  and we  were way to lazy that day after all the walking through Warsaw and so on.

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