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Here we are now discussing who is going to write the blog – beforehand we decided that both of us should write the things that happened in turns – but as always in life either both of us or none have the mind to write a blog post and with only one laptop it’s not possible for both to write at the same time. So we decided that I will be more responsible for the social media bits and Klaus more for the long blog posts on the website. But as you can see with this blog post – I do my share in longer posts.
So from now on you will read more posts from Klaus, but check out my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/andrea.gattringer.71) or my instagram account (https://instagram.com/summersun_a/ ) to see my posts.

As promised I will start to write my posts in English and German – but please forgive us for not writing the blog posts in both languages – it’s a bit of work to translate everything back to German – just in case you want the pages translated use google translate (https://translate.google.at/), as you can translate whole texts there. I will check with Klaus if it is possible to install a permanent translation link on the website to make it easier for you. If using google translate you might have to read the outcome twice as the translations can be quite creative 🙂