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As an Austrian friend we met later on in Ulaanbaatar would put it, the Kazakh part of the border is a “Vogelhäuslverschlag” which means a collection of birdhouses but in broad Austrian dialect. The Kazakh part of the border was rather confusing so wen ended up standing in front of the departure hut without knowing it. After half an hour, when it was our turn, the lady gave us a wink, laughed and waved over an officer who gave us a lead to the correct house. From there on it was straight forward, even the officer was speaking English. After getting the necessary stamps and all the other border procedures we wanted to get ourselves an insurance for the car, even that hut was quickly to be found. Along the way we met a Turkish truck driver who wished us good luck for being so mad to go into Kazakhstan. Well, by that time we did not know what Mongolia should throw at us.

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