We then drove on in direction of Vienna and spent the night somewhere near Melk (nothing spectacular). The next day we visited Sebastian from Visum4you (Friday the 19th) and finally got our Visa. We enjoyed lunch together and then drove on in direction of the Czech border.

We then found out that the Czech Republic is not an easy going place in terms of wild camping, so we searched a spot on the Austrian side, next to the Czech border. Our original plan was to visit Prague, but that’s in the center of the Czech Republic, so we decided to just drive straight through the country in direction of Poland as they are way more relaxed with cheap-skates like us. As a sleeping spot in Austria we found ourselves a nice spot below castle Falkenstein. The parking space was nice, we were mainly alone, happy us. We used the spot to finally put some chalkboard foil on the hood of the car. This stickers there were so worn in the meanwhile that they were hardly recognizable, but the hood is a perfect place to leave notes for passerbys. It already proved to be a useful add-on to the car – and once more it draws even more attention. We seem to be attention seeking whores Smiley.