But Andreas’ Eagle-Eye spotted another space very close to it, a parking space called “Hawaii”. After we had done in town what we had to do and even had a shower at Marlies’ place we wanted to give this spot a try. It was very scenic, and although it was next to the main street it was quiet as it was a lower  level and could not be seen from the main street. I think you can easily guess where we found ourselves once more – on a rather lively Swinger-Hotspot.  But we were tired and I hoped that the parking space traffic, consisting of cars which stopped by every  five minutes, would die down after midnight. It seems to be the same procedure all the time. Car comes to the space, stops somewhere close to our car, checking if a show or some live action is on offer, getting bored, driving on.Well, I can live with that, although it can be a bit tiring at times – getting a timeframe in between two cars  to sit on the loo (especially an Andrea-thing). But we share the same outdoor spaces, we with our needs, they with theirs both in some grey area of the law.