We then decided that we don’t drive the south route through Greece, Turkey and Georgia as we want to see St Petersburg as well, and this means a re-route of approximatly 4000 kms compared to the north route through the baltic states and with the missing week this puts some pressure on the driving. So we decided to drive through Poland, Latvia and Lithuania and grew to be quite happy with the decision. Those are areas we are less likely to visit in classic holidays, because then we are more likely to visit states with sunny beaches (so Greece and so on..). So we get to know those states now and can dive in their rich culture and history.

With our changed route we decided to drive through Vienna ourselves and fetch the Passports with the Visa instead of getting them by mail. First we headed in direction of Innsbruck as we once again had some things to do there. The first night we spent on a parking space shortly after Kranebitten in direction of Telfs we already knew from previous visits. It is not the nicest spot as it is directly next to the main street, but it’s sufficient for sleeping. It’s not very comfortable altogether with our outside living style  and everything.

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