The next day was a Sunday and people are always way more relaxed on weekends. They stop by at our car, ask questions about the journey and spent some time with us. It was the same this very Sunday, so some people chatted with Andrea as she was already up while I was still sleeping in the tent. After some time I got  up as well and joined the conversation. It was an elderly couple from Germany and as mostly the wife was more interested in the practical aspects of the journey, like the washing and so on, while the man was mainly interested in the car. Next to the “decor” the Offroad wheels seam to draw the most curiosity of males Smiley .

After they left 3 ladies stopped by who were on a hiking trip, so we invited them for coffee and had a nice chat for the next hour or two. We had a good laugh about the happening at the Forstsee, not knowing that we gonna find the next Hotspot some days later near Innsbruck.

Afterwards we drove in direction of my mums house, as we expected our Visa to arrive till Tuesday. On Monday we found out that there was some problem with one of the Russia Visa, which meant that we had to wait for another week. So we made the best out of it, did some optimization of the car, a befriended mechanic had another look at the mighty Voyager (the brakes are due for a change, but we wait till Russia) I build a cupboard for the inside of the car, so that we don’t need a suitcase any more. And we waited..

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