We then drove off to search for a new sleeping spot and drove in direction of the Ossiacher Tauern (some mountains next to Ossiacher See – a lake). We followed a small street up the mountain and after some fifteen minutes reached a beautiful small lake or big pond, the Tauernteich. There were some people around but not many so we asked the hunters we saw if we were allowed to stay. They laughed and okayed so we had our spot for the next two days. We went swimming in the chilly lake (it was on 920 meters above sealevel), hiked in the area, played cards and looked at the stars at night.

The second night there, late at night when we were in the tent already, some youngsters arrived in a bus. At first I was worried if they are drunk and are looking for trouble. But they were just 4 guys in their early twenties looking for a spot for the night. It was quite funny, because they were 4 people in a bus like ours. Soon the bus was wobbling from left to the right and there was a lot of laughing going on, with a lot of Ouch-  Noises some “Put your xxx out of my xxxx”. After some time it was quiet and we had a good nights sleep.

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