Andrea and me are not prudish by any means, but we were honestly surprised. The guy looked a little bit sad as we denied his enquiry for a show, but then, with a grin, he told us that the Forstsee is a “dirty little place”. After he left we closed the windows (to prevent further enquiries) and we had a good laugh regarding the spots we find. Well, at least swingers seem to have the same problems we do have – for them swinger clubs must be the same as  camping grounds for us – not really free and if you want to enjoy real freedom, you need some beautiful, but hidden or not too  well known spots and there are not too many in Austria with all the regulations. Thats why we meet in the end Smiley.

The next day we took a walk around the lake. The lake is beautiful and we truely understand the swingers – sex in this beautiful nature, why not? It was a nice 8 km walk, the day was sunny and we had a good time. When we came back I was suprised how chilly the car was inside, as it was a hot day outside. Andrea quickly found the explanation why it was so chilly inside. I had left the passenger door open. And not a little bit – completely open. And guess what? Nothing was missing. Thanks honest Forstsee guys.