With the new roof rack we have should have sufficent space as it is 2.90 meters long and 1,55 Meters wide. So, next to the roof tent and the roof box, we can also put the 3 petrol cans onto the roof as well as some other stuff.

Tomorrow the car goes to the mechanic. The old rustbucket gets a last checkup and lately I noticed a “clock” sound when the front left spring is compressed heavily by a bumpy road (which we will have quite a lot along the way).

Ah.. and yesterday we bought a pressure cooker, as the guys from htttp://www.landcruisingadventure.com can’t recommend those enough. And they should know with over 10 years on the road.

Well, thats it for the moment 🙂 I think the next blogpost will show an empty flat, already written from carinthia.

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