Recently we bought a satellite antenna (curious to watch some foreign TV) and more important, a powerfull WLAN antenna. Its a 24db antenna connected to an Alfa Tube U/N and as far as I was able to test it, I could get WLAN signals from several hundred meters. Tomorrow I’m gonna take my notebook with me and have a look how far I can drive away from my mums house and still have internet.

The day we left Innsbruck I got the new roof rack (my heros from Schlosserei Peschetz), and hopefully next week we get our second roof box – this time a big aluminium box, which is going to hold the solar panel on top of it.  Outr first roof-top box was not thaaaat clever because plain boxes which are not curvy a more usefull, but one learns…

Ah and I finally installed the sink 🙂

Thats it for the moment, more to come soon.

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