Whenever possible we power off the inverter as it uses a nice amount of power for itself, being a rather powerfull unit with 1500watts. We use this kind of power very rarely so I think about getting a smaller unit with 400 watts to use it parallel. Smaller units draw way less power for their own operation. So the bigger one would only be operated for tasks where its power is needed. But thats sth for the future, more important is a third solar panel.

As soon as the Notebook batterie (as well as mobile units) is loaded it is put of the cord to run from its own battery.

To save energy on the fridge we use a electrical cooler box with compressor. The advantage of a box over a fridge with a door is, that the cold air stays in the unit when opening (cold air is heavy and stays in the box) whilst in the more beautiful door-fridges the air falls out when opening the door. The second energy saving measurement is to put at least a 5-6litre water can into the box. This way its sufficent to activate the box 2-3 times a day, cause once the water gets cold it stays cold for some hours in the isolated sourroundings of the box and keeps the temperature in the box down.