Additionally to the solar system we have a loader which loads the batteries while driving but as we slowed down our pace to like 200-400km a week this just gives the batteries a push once in a while. And letting the car run idle costs quite some petrol and wears the car, which again costs money and effort.

Sunce we go slower we found out that 200Watts solar is too weak (especially with cooking) and we are going to put on another panel, but even with 300Watts we still can’t waste energy. But it guves us the extra minutes if power here and there which we lack at the moment.

One if our most usefull items in terms of energy saving is a small electrical kettle. The cattle is from Kenwood, was rather steep keeping in mind its size, but has paid off 100fold as we use it every day several times. The small kettle boils half a litre of water using only 600Watts in like approx 1.5 minutes and is used to preheat water for cooking as the e-oven would waste a lot of energy just getting the water warm and not for actual cooking. It either prepares our tea and coffee in the morning.