When you prepare yourself for an overland journey, the one country you hear the most badass-stories about is Russia. And the unbelievable thing is – most of the stories are true, I could hardly believe it. Of all travelled countries so far Russia is the most challenging one – for us as well as for our car. But then this country is so highly rewarding as well, for the first time ever I felt absolutely free.

Most of the stories I read, mainly pointed out the negative things, like the corrupt police (check), the extreme driving conditions  (check) especially in cities (double-check), the road conditions of smaller streets (check) and many, many other things.

Those things are there, no question, but what a lot of stories forget to tell you is, how highly addictive Russia is. We all know that Russia once was the mother of all communist countries and although the country now is officially democratic, in fact it is not. But I am not going to talk about politics here, I’m going to tell you about my impression of Russia.

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