But after Chiang Mai and leaving the cosy flat, I found other bits and pieces on the car that needed attention first. So while spending time on beautiful Koh Chang I build several things for the car, like propper frames with mosquito nets for the rear windows, a new table, reorgainsed most of the storage in the car, added some new 12 Volt outlets, build 12 volt connection boxes with  DC DC step up and step down inverters to connect the notebooks directly  to the 12 Volt plugs without needing the inverter (gonna do the same for many other things), build a new cupboard in the back which is a preparation for the  climate control, repaired Elton after he decided to stop at the centre of a crossing (was just a fuse, but I suspected air in the diesel which led to a major chaos…), repaired again when he went dead on Koh Chang (all fuses good, dirty cable plug under the car that time)…

So time flew by, but latest in February we need to have it, when the hot time starts. At the moment its considerably cool so its nice in the car with normal fans, but that will change for sure.

The other thing is, that I found out that the step up inverters + the micro heating coils are a bit of a weak link – to get a vacuum I need to evaporate hot water – and as long as the system is not under a vacuum I need to heat up a tiny bit of water to produce the vapor, which removes the air. At first I only used a micro heating coil, but at 12 volts it was too powerless. Then I added a step up inverter, but those were of misserable quality. From one of the new 9 EUR parts a coil fell of right away, I had it reasoldered (stupidly the wrong way around) which destroyed it.

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