Mongolia – adventure, disaster and everything in between

Even before we started on our journey Mongolia was on our bucket list, OK to tell the truth more on Klaus’ bucket list than mine, but we are in it together and after all we had to enter China from Mongolia.

Some of you will remember that we started an indigogo campaign to get some funding due to our diminishing funds. With a lot of help from Brian – one of the Irish lads we met in Kazakhstan – we produced and small film and our campaign went online in Russia. We tried a lot to find sponsors but apart from some friends and family members (once again thank you to all those who helped – we wouldn’t be were we are today if not for you) there was little interest in helping us.

In Russia we also met Suzanne and John Curran a British couple with whom we should cross China, we accompanied them to the Russian – Mongolian border and wanted to say our goodbyes as we did not want to cross into Mongolia too earlier as we knew we would have to get a new visa for Russia if our campaign failed and we would have to go back home again. But already on our way to the border post Klaus and I were thinking the same thing – should we cross the border after all? And if we both think the same at the same time we tend to go with it – and as John put it “He who dares wins” – so in we went to Mongolia.

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