In the northern parts of Kazakhstan it started to get a bit more complicated to find good camping spots as the area was rather hilly but with the eye we had developed in the meanwhile we finally found a suitable spot on all days. One day we noticed smoke, luckily not from the hood but in the far distance. As we got nearer we saw that the steppe was burning and it seemed as we where driving right into it. And so it was, we drove right through the burning steppe. Some farmers where burning the grass down to gain some land for farming. At some points the flames even reached the car and the smoke was so dense that I had to use the light bar on the roof, so that oncoming traffic could see us.

Pretty much at the end off the burning area a car accident had happened. As far as we could see it was only dented metal and no hurt people, as everyone was already out of the cars arguing so we drove on.

Not long after that, we reached the most awful peace of road we had experienced so far. 60km of construction works followed by 40km of non existent street with potholes the size of the Chrysler. The steel plate protecting the under floor received its first good really beating there, partly because I went a bit fast through the construction site. The dirt roads were all too tempting Smiley and challenging some crazy Lada guys in one of the lifted Samaras didn’t help either.