We stayed there for another day and finally moved on in direction of Olgily where we had a day off in the nice friends-hostel to take shower and have our clothes washed. We spent the afternoon out, had some dinner and enjoyed the pleasures off a town. The next day we drove off in direction of eastern Kazakhstan, following the route the Oil guy had given us. The drive was mostly beautiful but not very spectacular, so not worth mentioning it.

After about 1000km of driving along the Russian border we drove through a town after 400 km of nothing. Right after the town was a hill and I speeded up but stopped right after the hill. Suddenly I noticed smoke coming from under the hood. Not good. I opened the hood and saw smoke coming from the oil measurement pipe for the automatic transmission. Very bad. Although I always refilled and checked the oil I put some in and waited for the transmission to cool down. Slowly and carefully we drove back into the town to fetch some money to be prepared in case the worst happens and the transmission breaks.< Everything seemed to be normal again so we drove on, at first checking the transmission every few km. All seemed to be good again. How wrong we where.