The next day we drove on into the next town to fill up on food and water. We bought almost all 5 litre cans of water the shop had and set off for a spot in the steppe near the town where we still had some 3G Internet reception to do a bit of blogging and other internet related stuff. The spot absolutely beautiful and lonely again, so in the eve we found ourselves singing and dancing to the music from our mobiles with the starts above us. It was just beautiful and will stay in our minds forever.

The next day after getting up I had forgotten something in the roof top tent. So I went back up, grabbed it, and when going back down I slipped half way down and fell backwards. Luckily I could get my foot straight so that it slipped out between the steps and was not bend over and maybe broke. The muscle of the lower leg did hurt for quite some weeks afterwards, but as it seemed I was lucky and nothing else got damaged.