Soon they drove off and as we were not absolutely sure about the guys we decided to leave the spot in the evening. The very moment we packed up they came by again and stopped again. We soon forgot about out prejudices as they seemed to be pretty nice. After some time we gave them some Tenge, the local currency,so that they can buy some beer – as they knew where a shop was. We prepared some food and put out the chairs and our small table once more.

Andrea and me weren’t completely sure if the guys would come back. But they did and brought along beer, Fruits, Water and salted fish. We had a very nice evening and with the help of google translate some chitchat and as the older one did not drink alcohol he unpacked the biggest pack of dope we had ever seen. He explained that it grows everywhere in the steppe, so Andrea and me had been right when we thought we smelled it from time to time. Around 4 am they drove off and we finally went to bed.