As we started to run short of money we decided to start  an Indiegogo campaign . Back in Poland we had found out that our main sponsor had cut back on his promise, so we were lacking a nice 4500 EUR, which now started to bite us in the ass. So we tried to do some filming all day and set up a campaign. In the end we weren’t happy with the result so we decided to put the campaign idea on hold for the moment.

Apart from enjoying the sun we did not do much more that day and enjoyed another great evening in the beautiful steppe. The next day in the afternoon the very first car came by we had seen in two days and two guys, an older one and a younger one, jumped out. The first other humans in two days. As European from the ever crowded Austria its hardly believable that such spots do exit were one can be that lonely. We communicated a bit with the two guys and they explained that they are two fishermen. In the steppe. Sure.

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