Austro-Irish convoy through the beautiful steppe. And a lot of party.

So the Irish lads and us convoyed from now on. And a great time we did have.

Nikolay, the Kazakh guy  who came along with the Irish had a special story as we found out. The boys had been to Atyrau as well, just like us. There the boys stayed in a hotel, and when they checked out Nikolay came into the lobby.

Willy noticed his sad attitude, started talking to him and found out that Nikolay was running away from his life and his family to start off new somewhere. The boys asked him if he wanted to come along, Nikolay wanted to and that was that. This should lead to some quite funny things as we should learn lateron, because Nikolays wife was not all that happy with her husbands decision.
We drove along till the evening and were just about to start searching for a camping spot, when we noticed some cars in the steppe.

This in itself is not that uncommon, but the cars where strange. namely some Suzuki Liberos, those_DSC0444 are some micro vans from the early nineties and are an as uncommon sight as a fully blown Range Rover (called “the Jeep” by the Irish) and an Chrysler Voyager in that region.
It can’t be, or can it? Yay, this must be some Mongol Rally cars, the first ones we saw up to this point. Andrea and me had always wondered when we might see the first cars, as it was about Mongol Rally time.
So, polite as we are, we stopped by to say hello. The team consisted of two cars, Sancho Pansa and Don Quijote. At first we did not really get a conversation going and were just about to leave, when things changed. One thing led to the other and in no time we had a party in the steppe going._DSC0475

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