As it had become a tradition in the North-eastern countries we reached Estonia by night. Like in any country of the European Union there is a sign after the border providing you with some basic information about the various speed limits in the country. Its the same for Estonia, but except for the most countries having three or four rules, Estonia had two because they simply don’t have many different kinds of streets. But the streets  they have are mostly in a good condition and driving was nice and easy.

At first we reached some border town, I can’t remember its name and somehow we must have found the poshest area of the town. We drove around for some time and just saw big cars, big, new houses and thought by ourselves that if the rest of Estonia is like that, we won’t be able to afford anything here. We drove on and after some time came to the more normal areas and were relieved as we saw the colourful  log-houses again we already got used to in the northern countries.

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