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Car size for an overlanding car


When planning an overlanding trip the question for the size of the car will come up,   if you don’t already own one.
For the moment I’m gonna leave technical details aside,  like 4×4 or not or which brand to use.
We started,  as you might know,  with our Chrysler Voyager GS.  Its the long wheelbase version and has 2.4 metres of space behind the seats to the back door.  So a bed fits in and quite some additional stuff, but we don’t have a high top roof.  Although the Chrysler is a great,  comfy ride and went through many adventures with us, we learned that we miss a space to stand up a lot. We underestemated that need completely.
The Chrysler without a high top roof is too small for staying for extended periods abroad (6+ month) . This is not a general rule, its just our opinion, because we know about people who stay in similar sized cars for years.  But they are more the exception,  then the rule.
Speaking from our experience a car like that with approx the same interior size is good for a trip for like 3-4 months maybe up to 6.

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The last days


The last 10 days and the upcoming 6 are like a race. The whole flat is covered in dust as the windows have been changed by our landloard, boxes are everywhere and I work the last 2 days in my job. We have like 100 appointments and things to do. Whilst I’m typing this on my computer one of Andreas High Heels is next to me on my desk :). Poor Andrea goes through thousands of our posessions, packing things up, throwing stuff away, selling other or giving it away for free. My job after my day job is to move things to the cellar where they are stored till we come back.

But I think it is a good thing that we have that much to do, as it basically leaves not to much time for beeing sad about leaving. Don’t get me wrong I really look forward to the trip, but the process of leaving in itself is not always easy.

In the last minute I decided to go for a propper roof rack on the car, as the roof tent and the roof storage, together with the roof mounted lamps otherwise won’t fit on the car. Luckily i got a contact from friend with a Landrover Defender (thanks Requiem) of a metalworking company, (Schlosserei Peschetz in Innsbruck). The owner is a great guy and I had good time explaining what our roof rack should be able to handle and together we made up a plan. He not only accepted the job last Friday promising that it will be done by the end of this week, he had the rack ready today and now fits it to the standard roof rack of the Voyager, as it is rather long and wide. Till next Wednesday, the day we are leaving, he even galvanizes the rack so that it can’t rust easily. Good old craftsman at its finest.

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