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Across the Universe

Short review of Across the Universe – a movie I will definitely watch again.


Sometimes a rainy Sunday has its perks. Just saw a fantastic movie with an even better soundtrack.

If you like the 60ies and their sound watch it. You won’t regret it.


All picture rights belong to Sony Pictures and Revolution Studios.


The Sapphires

A great movie about an Aboriginal soul group of 4 women who performed in front of American soldiers in the Vietnam War.

Amazing voices, great songs, a lot of inspiration and most of all SOUL

The original Sapphires

All rights on the pictures belong to Screen Australia,  Goalpost Film and the original Sapphires


Ex Machina

We just saw Ex Machina in our hotel room in Thailand, a surprisingly good movie. We already started to watch it a while ago at another occasion but somehow  weren’t in the mood for it back then. This time we were in the mood for it (going out beforehand maybe helped?) – actually well done with a (not so?) surprising end. We’d say 4/5. Worth watching


Asdf Movies

Bewegte Bilder

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Filme sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil unseres Lebens. Vom Blockbuster bis zum Independent Movie, wir lieben die bewegten Bilder.


Dieses Jahr konnten wir uns einen Traum erfüllen – wir haben uns ein kleines Heimkino realisiert. Entschieden haben wir uns für folgende Komponenten

Benq TW523p Projektor, Motorleinwand von Leinwandking, 3D Brillen, Samsung HT-F5500 BluRay/DVD und ein Chromecast 🙂

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