Camper update


So what did we do for our little motorhome.

Well quite some things:

The new pipe based stowing room in the front is finally installed. As always it took too long and did cost too much, but I’m getting used to the sheme. But finally its done, and any square-centimeter of room counts :).

The new power inverter was delivered (thanks solartronics ) and this time I decided to go with a remote as well. The old power Inverter was removed with a lot of cursing and some pain. The installation was a quick job when we did it in February and I already knew it will be one hell of a job if I ever have to remove this part. I had to because it was dud and it was hell – I now know that major parts of my body fit into a space of 37 by 40 centimeter, although I have 110 kg.

To avoid such jobs which test my claustrophobic senses (I now know that I have no claustrophoby ), I bought some drawer abstracts (is this the correct english word? Google tells me so..) so that I am able to move the new inverter back for like 40 centimeters, which is enough to avoid that I have to crawl in this confined space. I also bought some shock absorbers for the new inverter which are normally used for subwoofers, so it doesn’t get all the hits at full pace when driving offroad.

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Abusing things

Because of space problems we searched for a solution to add some more room. Above our front window and the new roof rack we have a space of approximatly 25 cm. So I thought about how to use this space, to add some stowing room, especially for camping equipment.

Finally Andrea and me came up with the idea of using a big waste pipe with 20cm diameter and some end sleeves, because this perfectly fits the space and it is rather sturdy. As the pipe is heavy and will be even heavier when filled I had to find a solution for mounting it. As I could not find an out of the box solution I cam up with the idea of using three metal angles, one beeing 40 by 20 cm and the other two 20 by 20.

With them I construct a rectangular shape with the longest rod beeing mounted to the front metal rods of the roof rock and one short one to the bottom of the main rod.

Pictures will follow as soon as I’m finished.


Some progress

Meanwhile we are in Carinthia at my mums and stepfathers house and have a nice time. We really needed it after all the stress in Innsbruck in the last days.

The electrical system was finally connected to the dc-dc charger which gets 12 volts from the car and gives 14 volts at the output. The charger itself is connected to the battery of the car, giving the car the information that the main battery is not fully loaded, so that the alternator keeps charging while the car is running and charges the batteries in the back as well. Should take eight hours of driving from very empty to full. The charger is rated for 10 hours of heavy load usage, so this should work out. Within 20-30 mins of driving I could gain approximatly 6 % off load, so the calculation should work out.

I installed a fuse and a main switch so that the charger does not empty the cars main battery. It can work with key+ as well, but i don’t thrust this. If we want to use the car stereo or sth else, where the car needs to be on (without beeing started) it empties the main battery quickly. A good old switch should be the better solution (if we don’t forget it after driving :), but it gives an overload warning beep as soon as the electrical system in the back is pulled on, so it should be save). So there are three switches now – two which connect the two batteries to the power consuming stuff as well as the solar charger/battery computer and one which connects the dc-dc charger.

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Camper Update 28.03.2014


At the moment the mighty Voyager is at the mechanics for a final technical check at Saffets Shop (Prestige Cars in Etrichgasse), but as a first feedback he told me that the car is in good shape alltogether. Monday I get him back … It might sound akward but I truely miss him  as he was out of house for some days now. So this week I drove Andreas Polo, and had a good time with the small one. The little guy really produces a lot of fun out of its 55hp and the sun roof is a plus for sure.

Last week the big one was at a metalworking shop because he now gets a customized roof rack which, in the meanwhile, is finished and now off to get galvanized. I want to recommend the metalworking shop Schlosserei Peschetz in Innsbruck, they are amazing. Supernice, great price, and very fast. We had a good time chatting about our trip, after we planned the roof rack together with the owner. Good old craftsmanship at its finest.

Meanwhile I got our WLAN Antenna with 24db and our Alfa Networks Tube UN. This system should get any WLAN within a range of several hundret meters, up to one kilometer or more. The plan is to fetch a burger at McDonalds, or drink a coffee at a bar and get the WLAN Password so that we can use this internet in the car even if we move the car away for a bit.

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Camper Update 14.03.2015


So what has happened since the end of February?

There have been quite some proceedings, once of the major ones beeing that our car finally has 220 Volt power on board. While beeing at the my mums birthday in carinthia I met a friend who is electrician. He helped ( or did the major work to be honest) to install the power converter which does the magic of converting the 12 Volt DC power our two batteries deliver to a nice 220 Volt sine wave.

I was proud like a god when our 220 Volt car heater finally worked and there was hot air coming out of it. I was even prouder when I connected our capsule espresso-machine, because I read somewhere that it is a good test for a power-converter if it can power a  capsule espresso machine. Those machines seem to need a good sine-wave and they either draw a lot of power (I tested with a 1600 W machine, the converter is rated with 2000w/4000W). After 3 hot and steaming coffees i was satisfied, an important part of our breakfast on the road being save. I was especially happy  because our power converter is the cheapest 2kw chinese sine wave converter I could find and since i bought it back in october it got two bad ratings on amazon for not producing a sine wave (maybee I was lucky or my mobile phone will die soon, as it is the next device to be plugged into the converter)

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