At the moment the mighty Voyager is at the mechanics for a final technical check at Saffets Shop (Prestige Cars in Etrichgasse), but as a first feedback he told me that the car is in good shape alltogether. Monday I get him back … It might sound akward but I truely miss him  as he was out of house for some days now. So this week I drove Andreas Polo, and had a good time with the small one. The little guy really produces a lot of fun out of its 55hp and the sun roof is a plus for sure.

Last week the big one was at a metalworking shop because he now gets a customized roof rack which, in the meanwhile, is finished and now off to get galvanized. I want to recommend the metalworking shop Schlosserei Peschetz in Innsbruck, they are amazing. Supernice, great price, and very fast. We had a good time chatting about our trip, after we planned the roof rack together with the owner. Good old craftsmanship at its finest.

Meanwhile I got our WLAN Antenna with 24db and our Alfa Networks Tube UN. This system should get any WLAN within a range of several hundret meters, up to one kilometer or more. The plan is to fetch a burger at McDonalds, or drink a coffee at a bar and get the WLAN Password so that we can use this internet in the car even if we move the car away for a bit.