I then finished the 4 side-window solar panels and sealed them with Flex Seal Clear. First tests showed that the panels work like expected, although I cracked some cells as I am clumsy. The plan is to connect one front and one back window panel serially, to get the same voltage as from the big panels on the roof. Then I m going to connect those panels in parallel to get more power out of the whole system.

Then, at the beginning of march, both Andrea and me fetched a cold  with fever up to 40 degrees. This kicked us out of business for one and a half week.

This weekend I managed to install the Solarcharger/Batterycomputer combi-instrument and finally added our domain sticker to the back of the car, which was a major pain in the ass. I think i did everything wrong. I was not able to use the transfer foil and I still have no idea how this magic should work. Then while picking one letter after the other by hand I started the wrong way round (so not left to right – it confused my brain lying in the car and working from the inside),  then I ripped one letter appart (one w), I put one “u” as a “n” (summersnn.at) and my line is a little wobbly and I have a loooot of bubbles. But finally it was done and while working on it I had the chance to test our cheap matress, which is quite cosy.