So what has happened since the end of February?

There have been quite some proceedings, once of the major ones beeing that our car finally has 220 Volt power on board. While beeing at the my mums birthday in carinthia I met a friend who is electrician. He helped ( or did the major work to be honest) to install the power converter which does the magic of converting the 12 Volt DC power our two batteries deliver to a nice 220 Volt sine wave.

I was proud like a god when our 220 Volt car heater finally worked and there was hot air coming out of it. I was even prouder when I connected our capsule espresso-machine, because I read somewhere that it is a good test for a power-converter if it can power a  capsule espresso machine. Those machines seem to need a good sine-wave and they either draw a lot of power (I tested with a 1600 W machine, the converter is rated with 2000w/4000W). After 3 hot and steaming coffees i was satisfied, an important part of our breakfast on the road being save. I was especially happy  because our power converter is the cheapest 2kw chinese sine wave converter I could find and since i bought it back in october it got two bad ratings on amazon for not producing a sine wave (maybee I was lucky or my mobile phone will die soon, as it is the next device to be plugged into the converter)