Many times when we meet people,  they tend to think that we are on a constant vacation.  Some think its great,  others not so. Both opinions are ok with us.
But the vacation thing is only partly true.  Sure,  we do see a lot and when people meet us,  we are mostly doing things that are relaxing and vacation-like.  But at these times,  when tourists meet us,  we are in touristic areas,  doing touristy things.
But this impression is missleading as its only a part of our travels.

Overlanding is a kind of job and we put quite some afford into it,  mostly by photographing,  blogging,  facebooking,  instagramming and twittering to show how beautiful our world us,  even far away from the touristic hotspots. Due to our lifestyle we have the opportunity to get to the backyards of this planet and so we want to show how worth it is to protect it and not to be scared of foreign cultures and people,  as next to all we’ve met are friendly and welcoming.

A great job that is,  that’s for sure, but we don’t get paid for it,  which is absolutely ok for us as well.

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