As you might know we have a little problem. A little big problem – because our leisure batteries are more or less dud. Fuck, that’s gonna be expensive… or?

After being slightly shocked after testing the first battery which I suspected to be mostly dead, I now tested the second AGM as well. Therefor I disconnected the battery from the rest of the system and loaded it for a day. Afterwards, when the sun was down and the solar computer showed the icon for “night” I connected a power source where I know the amount of power that is taken – in that case one of the old extra lights of the voyager which has a osram 55 W bulb inside. So I knew it draws 55/12 = around 5 Amps (4.8) of power. Then I waited till it hit the mark of 12 Volts on the scale, after which it drops power quite fast (that’s a usual behavior for lead acid batteries). After 2.5 hours this mark was reached – so there is approx 12 Amps left in the second battery. Better than the first with only 1 Amp (dead lead) but still very bad, considering it’s a 120 Amp AGM. 13 AMP out of 240 have survived after 2 and something years (bought them in August or September 2014, from mainly January on there were constantly used).

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