MonthSeptember 2016

Camper DIY air condition based on a vacuum, Zeolite and Peltier elements

The rainy season slowly but steadily comes to an end, the temperatures are climbing again. Soon we will leave Chiang Mai and set out again to explore the hidden spots of South East Asia.  And along with it comes heat, sweat and mosquitos. Yuck…

Dehumidifier you say… hmmm

About a month ago I was googeling around for a dehumidifier as humidity is one of the key bastards that make our live a misery in the car and found some small electrical units which claim to be able to do that. So I got curious how they operate and found out that they work with Peltier Elements. Those are used in cheepish Camping Fridges as well. Peltiers get hot on one side and cold on the other, by connecting them to some power, usually 12 Volts. Interesting.

Peltiers come into play… but … no

So my mind got locked into those things and I started to make plans for a Peltier based Air Condition. Downside of those things are: They are power hogs (around 5 amps per unit at 12 Volts) and after learning how to calculate the amount of heat (aka Watt) I need to handle in Elton to get a cooling effect, I learned that I need to operate a Peltier farm. So…, no.

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3G router – ZTE MF60 .. or ZTE MF65M and more solar power

As time goes by and the mid of October is coming closer by when we most likely leave Chiang Mai, we started to think about our mobile life again. Elton is having a well deserved rest in the parking lot of our Condo at the moment, but in a little more then one month he will be our home again.

Next to him needing a service, aka greasing the greasenipples (What a name ? ) there are some things to be done for every day comfort.

On the one hand the original 220 Ah truck battery from Pigu (Eltons former owner) which I connected to my 2 120 AH AGMs seems to have reached its natural end of life, as those kinda batteries don’t take the charging/de-charging cycles too kindly.

So a new battery is needed and when working on the power system anyway I want to strengthen our solar system a bit by adding 2 50 Watt panels next to the roof hatch. With those I get a theoretical tops of 540 Wp – which , considering the panels are mounted flat, is a more realistic 450 Wp or around 26 Amps. And luck of lucks – there is a store in Chiang Mai, specialiced in this kind of stuff, which is like 500 metres from our Condo.

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