If there is one most important advice, the one advice I’d want to give each and every traveller to be, then it is:

Don’t plan too much ahead.


Its way more easy said then done. Travelling means freedom – especially when you set out to travel without a fixed end. But then your brain, if you are just a little bit like us, starts to work against you. Coming from a background with an average job and an usual life, one is used to plan ahead – hell, its 90% of what we do at home. Being a slave of our self set goals. Next week I do that, next month I’m gonna do something or the other and soon you have a never ending list of things to do.


When setting out for such a kind of travel, its pretty much the same. Which direction do I want to go (because I want to see that, that and that). Oh then I need this Visa and that agreement. Oh its only valid for so many months. And when I go in this direction, I afterwards go there, there or there. Then I need to apply for that… And soon you’ll have a fixed route you can hardly change (because you paid so much for the Visa already) and a time frame you need to follow. That’s ok, but its by far not freedom. Its the same scheme we are used to at home, just on four wheels and in other countries.

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