First of all let me go back to the facts. We are 500 km away from Ulaan Baatar in the middle of nowhere in Mongolia and we found a tarmac road. But there was a small problem… Ah right, the transmission of our Chrysler was broken.

As Klaus and I are both more the let’s try it and see if it still works type – partly because we or lets say I have no clue how I should tell a working transmission from a broken transmission otherwise, and partly because a long discussion on whether or whether not doesn’t really make a lot of sense a long road away from your next best option.


This is the moment of truth – when Bodo and Klaus tested the Chrysler (thanks to Bodo and Sören for the video –

So we started the car again – it worked. So far so good, then we tried to put the automatic transmission into D(rive) mode – yeah sounds not too good, but it worked. and we are moving. Hey maybe the transmission is not broke after a…. Ok it doesn’t shift from the first gear on to any other gear – but did I mention we were moving??

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