China Unicom vs China mobile – which mobile network works for a digital nomad?

Digital nomading while overlanding in China is a whole challenge of its own regarding the Internet censorship, aka the Great Firewall, and to make it even more challenging there is an expensive pitfall regarding the selection of the right mobile network operator for 3G Internet.

We had just crossed the border from Mongolia into China and due to the problem with our car in Mongolia and the expenses it caused (the realted story in our blog), Andrea now worked on the Internet as a digital nomading  Personal Assistent – although back then we didn’t know that there was an actual name for what we do ?

Andrea found a job as personal assistent quite quickly and after talking to her boss, luckily it is a webdevelopment company, it was clear that I’d start to work as web developer for the same company at some point while crossing China. Happy us. We actually started to build a real, operational life on the road with earning real money instead of just spending it, and although there should be some major bumps on our road, it works out to this date. We were quite proud about ourselves.

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