The next days with the Irish boys were mostly filled with driving and having funny barbecues in the evenings. Although there is a story worth mentioning.

We drove  from Astana in the direction of Semei, one of the last big towns in Kazakhstan. I had Willie with me, Andrea going with the boys in the Jeep.  At one point Willie mentioned a guy who was just walking along the main road, and the fact that the guy was a redhead, caught Willies attention. We didn’t give it much more of a thought and had a pleasant evening together once more.

The next day, it was early into the driving day, Willie, Brian and me where on board of the Jeep,  Beanie going with Andrea in the Voyager,  when Willie suddenly shouted and said that he had seen the same guy again = approx 60ks after the last point we had seen. Se we gave the Voyager a signal and stopped over to check if with the others if we should offer the guy a ride. Everyone was ok with it, , so we turned around, stopped next to the surprised guy and offered picked him up. He was happy about the opportunity and jumped onto the co drivers seat of the Jeep.

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