Moscow – the city of contradictions


Leaving St. Petersburg and its grand architecture behind, we made our way to the Russian capitol – Moscow. We were not sure what to expect, having heard a lot and imagining even more. Will the main streets be often blocked because of some “VIP” needing to get to his mansion or job faster, will the face of Putin be seen on a lot of billboards? Whilst driving on from St. Petersburg we had a lot of questions in mind as you can see. The first great surprise was the motorway we found ourselves on. As far as we knew these motorways are toll routes – therefore we wanted to avoid them – but surprisingly there was no toll to be paid, as the whole infrastructure was yet to be build so we had a very new and well build street nearly all to ourselves. And what a motorway – the nearer we came to the city, the more lanes the motorway seemed to have and finally by nightfall and heavy rain, we entered the city. Once again Klaus was the driver and I the co-driver. This is important to mention, as in Russian cities you need both. It’s a bit like a WRC rally. One needs to pay attention to all the drivers and the road, whilst the other looks out for red lights, pedestrians, stray dogs and the route. Changing lanes to take an exit was a process better to be started at least 1 km before the exit and as it was heavily raining, even before that.  Being an experienced team by now, we managed without any real problems to find the hostel we had booked a room for two nights. As we weren’t lucky enough to register our Visa in St. Petersburg, we urgently needed to do so in Moscow. The hostel was nice and clean and mostly used by Russian people as a permanent residence whilst working in Moscow.

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