After the impressions we collected in Lithuania we were very curious for Latvia. We reached Latvia at around midnight and initially  liked it more than Lithuania as Latvia has more woods. I think we had this feeling because a wood is something we know from home and when you are far away on uncertain routes you enjoy seeing things which are common to you. We really enjoy being abroad, but the farer we are away the more we know what we love about our home-country. I hope this does not sound like mourning, we know how lucky we are that we are able to make this journey.

On we drove until the early morning hours in the direction of Riga, the capitol city of Latvia as our goal was to reach the eastern sea and enjoy some days at the beach. So we pushed on and noticed that we hadn’t seen an Austrian or German vehicle for some days by then. Ever since Poland we had seen foxes when driving through the nights and their numbers increased the more North East we came. Andrea desperately wanted to see an elk, as there were warning signs around sometimes.

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