We are in a laundrette in Warsaw, so its time for some blogging.

Fresh blankets today, yay Smiley

After some easy driving through the Czech Republic we arrived in Poland late in the afternoon. We had close to none expectations and were surprised once and again by the cleanliness of the bigger cities, the good infrastructure, the mostly friendly people and the beauty of the country. Thats the good thing with no expecations, the suprises are mostly pleasant.

Andrea suggested that we visit the town of Oswiecim, that’s the real name of Auschwitz. Its pretty close to the southern border of Poland and as I wanted to see the historical sites myself it was OK with me, so we drove in the direction of the town. Ever since Carinthia we had rain from time to time, sometimes more, sometime less. It seemed that we followed the bad weather, and it was still with us in Poland. We found ourselves a beautiful sleeping spot near Oswiecim in a small wood next to a lake. There were some fishermen there, but altogether it was very calm.

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