MonthJune 2015

Latvia: We push on in north-eastern direction


After the impressions we collected in Lithuania we were very curious for Latvia. We reached Latvia at around midnight and initially  liked it more than Lithuania as Latvia has more woods. I think we had this feeling because a wood is something we know from home and when you are far away on uncertain routes you enjoy seeing things which are common to you. We really enjoy being abroad, but the farer we are away the more we know what we love about our home-country. I hope this does not sound like mourning, we know how lucky we are that we are able to make this journey.

On we drove until the early morning hours in the direction of Riga, the capitol city of Latvia as our goal was to reach the eastern sea and enjoy some days at the beach. So we pushed on and noticed that we hadn’t seen an Austrian or German vehicle for some days by then. Ever since Poland we had seen foxes when driving through the nights and their numbers increased the more North East we came. Andrea desperately wanted to see an elk, as there were warning signs around sometimes.

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Lithuania: the longest straight streets we have ever seen and the centre of Europe

The border from Poland and Lithuania is a rather lively one as this is the only connection for the 3 north eastern EU countries, which connects them with the “mainland”. Call me stupid, but I honestly did not know that there is a piece of Russia right in the north eastern European Union. Its above Poland, next to Latvia, approximately the size of Upper Austria and not connected to the rest of Russia. Amazing.

We crossed the border at night, reached the first border town and got confused with the directions as major parts of the town were under construction. We wanted to find a petrol station, but after some time gave up and drove on.

Lithuania was the first country that gave us this far, far away  from home feeling as Lithuania is very different to Austria. It’s mainly completely flat, and the roads are straight as far as the eye can see. At some point when going 70km/h I took the hands for 45 seconds from the steering wheel. No need to turn, not the slightest corner. I am too lazy to calculate how far you go  when driving 70kmh 45 seconds, I think something around 1 km. The complete flatness and the lack of woods amazed us time and again. What a weird country this is for us Austrians, us with our mountains and woods everywhere.

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North Poland: enchanted forests and the sun does not go down on me


So in the meanwhile the laundry is done but it turned out to be more complicated then one would expect. After approximately 10 EUR for the dryer in the laundrette, we finally excepted that the dryer does make dryer-noises, but that’s about it. The service guy, although nice, could not do much more then pointing out the service hotline when we brought the issue to attention with him. So we filed the 10 EUR as lost and left for the car, but still we had  wet clothes.

So we drove back along the bumpiest road we had ever seen into the national forest where we had spent the night before and did some improvisation there. We do have a clothesline which can be put above the front window, hanging down from the lightbar, but not all our wet clothes fit on it and we needed our blankets. We do have spare ones, but they are buried somewhere in the car and it means quite some work getting them out  and we  were way to lazy that day after all the walking through Warsaw and so on.

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Poland: A place which should have never existed, beautiful towns and the worn fan-belt

We are in a laundrette in Warsaw, so its time for some blogging.

Fresh blankets today, yay Smiley

After some easy driving through the Czech Republic we arrived in Poland late in the afternoon. We had close to none expectations and were surprised once and again by the cleanliness of the bigger cities, the good infrastructure, the mostly friendly people and the beauty of the country. Thats the good thing with no expecations, the suprises are mostly pleasant.

Andrea suggested that we visit the town of Oswiecim, that’s the real name of Auschwitz. Its pretty close to the southern border of Poland and as I wanted to see the historical sites myself it was OK with me, so we drove in the direction of the town. Ever since Carinthia we had rain from time to time, sometimes more, sometime less. It seemed that we followed the bad weather, and it was still with us in Poland. We found ourselves a beautiful sleeping spot near Oswiecim in a small wood next to a lake. There were some fishermen there, but altogether it was very calm.

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Waiting for Russia and Swingers, Swingers everywhere

After meeting Bec in Switzerland we drove to Alex place in Salzburg and from there on to Carinthia via  Upper Austria and Styria. Its not the most direct way, but we had time on our hands as we only had to be in Carinthia some days later to fetch our passports with the various Visa for Turkey, Russia and Kazakhstan or at least we hoped to fetch them there.

As we where in the mood of staying on our own, we searched for a sleeping spot after entering Carinthia from the Styrian side, fetching ourselves a quick dinner in St. Veit. But as it turned out, there was no easy spot around and so, after some failed attempts I remembered the Forstsee (a small lake) near Wörthersee (a bigger lake with some B-Celebrities around) next too Velden. I was there once or twice in my Childhood but had no real memories any more. I only new that it should be a beautiful little lake.

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